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First Information Report
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Published by Delhi Law House, Professional Law Publisher, New Delhi
Recommended by Member of Parliament
Bureaucrats Police Chiefs, Supreme Court Advocates

First Information Report, popularly known as FIR. Yes, there are quite some books on this significant theme but are they easy on access and complete in itself so that the police can get authentic information, latest updates and broaden their knowledge base for concept, procedure and practice that assists them in recording FIR with perfection? FIR is the soul of any criminal case, it is the pivot on which the case moves, the turning wheel of the ship that Police takes charge of while chasing and decoding a crime.

Writing On The Wall

Life is too short to sit on the shore, it exists to Explore! That is exactly what the author has done; he has given a rare glimpse of all we have gone through in the past, to the crisis of Corona. This book doesn’t have a confined audience; professionals, managers, from law makers to law breakers, homemakers, from elderly to teenagers and many. From workplace to world as a place, this edition covers it all! From all the stages of love to dating to finding true meaning of a soul mate on one hand and the matured lot, leaving their love and life in their hometowns heading to metros for the call of money on the other, it has reasoned every big little thing. It aids in dealing with diversified situations in different metros of the country.

Tum Laut Aao

Tum Laut Aao is a Hindi poetry collection by Dr. (Prof) Dewakar Goel. The poetry collection contains poems about random situations, thoughts, and feelings. Dr. Diwakar Goyal has been recognized by eminent personalities and their conferred the titles to him such as: Diwakar Ek Kush fikrshayar-KaifiAzmi, Khudadad salahiyat ka Shayar Diwakar- Naushad Ali, Dard ka Saudagar Diwakar- Javed Akhtar, Bashaure zahan Ka Shayar Diwakar- Nidafazli, Fikro-jazbe ka Shayar Diwakar- SabirDutt, Khoye Hue Soye hue lamhon Ka Shayar Diwakar- Salma Siddiqui, a poet with pure heart- Sunil Gangopadhyay, A Bureaucrat with sensitivity of a poet and unique attraction- Shabana Azmi.



5.0 out of 5 stars 

Nice book

Reviewed in India on 17 August 2019


AIIMS – Catch Me If You Can: A sensational thought provoking and emotional

For the first time, in-depth insight into the life of a medical student at the top-notch institute. What got Sudhanshu in the world of medician? Did he find his true love? What sources of energy did he and his friends count upon to win this back-breaking exhausting marathon? Did the sunshine on every continued nerve-racking existence or some preferred absconding from stress embracing addictions & losing values? But just like the toxic atmosphere doesn't stop on from breathing, despite a million hardships, every bit of being a doctor is so worth it!

A tryst with the Neurologist
Dr. Navneet Kumar

This book is about Dr.Navneet Kumar, a proficient neurologist, a philanthropist, an accomplished academician, and a compassionate human being. He has lived a life most of u only visualize in our dreams and has a persona that most of us would like to imitate. His life is a saga of diligence and devotion to the medical profession and a dedication to his patients. In the book, there is also about B.C. Roy and Dr. David Bates.

Departmental Enquires Vol.1

The principles of natural justice form the basis for departmental enquiries in both public and private sectors. The concepts, procedures and practices of departmental enquiries have not been codified by any act. Therefore, the judgments pronounced by tribunals, High Courts and Supreme Court became the guiding principles. The large numbers of cases are going to the courts since the departmental enquiries are not conducted in proper manner. This book covers all aspects of departmental enquiries right from investigation stage taking the foundation from the provisions of constitution of India, defining various dimensions and principles of natural justice.



4.0 out of 5 stars 


Reviewed in India on 24 December 2017


Veezhunna Chuvarukalkitayil (Malayalam) Paperback
Performance Appraisal and Compensation Management EDN-1

Each chapter of the book includes case studies based on real-life situations. Separate chapters on communication skills, motivation, and leadership styles are included in the book, which are the tools for appraising the performance of an individual. In a nutshell, this text provides the foundation for appraising performance in an exemplary manner with real objectivity giving rise to maximum productivity by exploiting optimum utilization of the human resources. This book will immensely benefit students of human resource management. It is also a magnificent tool for managers, executives, and HR practitioners who struggle with performance management issues in organizations.

Performance Appraisal and Compensation Management EDN-2

This well-written volume, now in its Second Edition, continues to offer, in a clear and easy-to-read style, comprehensive coverage of the various aspects of performance appraisal and compensation management. Written by a practicing manager who has also lectured extensively in premier management institutes, the text focuses on real core issues which are the tools for appraising the performance of an individual and in this edition, seven new chapters on key performance areas, the bell curve approach, competency mapping, new trends in training and development, recession, correlating compensation with performance and writs are included to cover the latest developments in the field. This book is intended as a text both for students of management and commerce. It will also serve as a useful tool for managers, executives, and HR practitioners who are confronted with many performance management issues in their work scenario.

An Endless Travel

It is quite fascinating to conceive an idea "one can always remain young ", it is our emotional and psychological state of mind that makes us old. In fact, it is the planning for the life cycles in advance which makes the miraculous difference. In European and many other Asian countries, it is adopted as a natural business.

It is essential to realize and recognize the need for emotional and psychological stability. since our expectations, sensibilities, personalities, sensitivity level, the concept of empathy all undergo a sea change, therefore, we need to have proper planning as a matter of mental preparedness.

This wonderful book "ENDLESS TRAVEL" by Dewarker Goel is an easy and friendly roadmap towards the long journey on an endless road, which is going to be a landmark because of its unique features of relating each concept with the real-life situation.



Living a Stressful Life with Joy

Stress, one of the worst offenders of modern-day living, is by far the most discussed topic today. This book is exclusive, as it has explored unique angles by correlating stress to various 'professions' to even include housewives, lovers, prisoners, and senior citizens. Having met and interviewed people from various walks of life, the author has been able to do justice to each of the eighteen professionals included in this book.

Right to Information

Prof.Dewakar Goel is a science & Law Graduate with a Masters in Business Administration. He is profiled by print & Media on regular basis in newspaper and TV channels for these poems, stories, and articles. He has presented research papers on various management issues for publication in National & International Journals.

Dr.Abha Yadav is an eminent scholar who has a Ph.D.She also done M.Phil, has a prestigious Fax International Fellowship from Yale University, USA. She has conducted training sessions for senior managers.

Sisaktey Armaan (Urdu)

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